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You might have noticed that the work you have printed so far is not like what you see on these worksheets. This task introduces some of the ways that you can improve what your work looks like.

1. Load in the file (File/Open) named WPTASK8 .

2. Read the section on EMBOLDEN/UNDERLINE/ITALICISE on the separate program guide sheet to learn how to change these type styles. Also read the section on CHANGING FONT/SIZE. (To create EUROPEAN ACCENTS & CHARACTERS, select menu option European/tool bar or the ß button on the current toolbar.)

3. Edit the text to appear as follows:

This heading is underlined

This word is bold, this one is italic, and these words are both bold and italic. These styles are useful for making key words stand out from the rest of the text.

This whole paragraph is set in another font (type of lettering). This word is bigger. This word is smaller.

C'est une phrase Français. Je suis allé en L'Allemagne. L'adresse est 102 Grün Straße, Saarbrücken, Deutschland.

En español se dice: Hola ¿Qué tal? ¡Hasta mañana!

In Science lessons we learn about H2O, H2SO4 and other chemicals. In Maths we are told that the area of a circle is pr2 which sounds Greek to me. In Geography, the temperature is 21oC which means it's a nice day.

Name ....... Date ......


4. Save your altered version (File/Save As) as WP8 and print the text (File/Print).

Problem: load in the file that you saved in Task 4 - WP4

Correct your errors. Underline the heading. Change the whole of the text into a proportionally spaced font such as “Times New Roman” or “Arial”. Your name and any other non-dictionary words should be put in an italic style. The first occurrence of the following key words should be put in a bold style: applications, word processor, cursor, typewriter.

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