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One of the great advantages of using a word processor instead of a typewriter is that you can type something once and then copy it as many times as you want. Also you can type things down as they come into your head, then put them in order later. No more scribbling out lots of rough copies on paper before typing and no more scissors and glue for that final photocopy.

1. Start a new file (File/New) and type in the following:

This is line one
This is line two
This is line three
This is boring

2. Read the section on CUT & PASTE on the separate program help sheet. Highlight the last line and delete (Edit/Cut) it as instructed.

3. Move the cursor to the start of the first line and Edit/Paste the line back in at the top of the text. The line of text was stored in the computers memory (sometimes called a clipboard).

4. In the same way, highlight the bottom line and Edit/Copy it into the computers memory. Then move the cursor to the start of a new line at the bottom of the text. Edit/Paste the copy of the line here. You should note the slight difference between cut and copy.

5. Problem: load in the file (File/Open) named WPTASK6 . You will see a list of the steps needed to make a hill start when driving a car but some are out of order, some need to be repeated and one should definitely be deleted.

Edit the text using only the mouse and perhaps the [↵Enter] key, otherwise you do not need to touch the keyboard at all. When finished the text should look like this:

The Dreaded Hill-Start

A. Ensure that the hand brake is on.
B. Look in rear-view mirror to ensure road is clear.
C. Switch on right-hand indicator.
D. Depress clutch pedal.
E. Move gear lever into first gear position.
F. Gently depress accelerator pedal.
G. Slowly raise clutch pedal until bonnet starts to rise.
H. Release hand brake.
B. Look in rear view mirror to ensure road is clear.
I. Slowly release clutch pedal and drive away.
C. Switch off right-hand indicator.

Name ....... Date ......


6. When you have finished rename and save your work (File/Save As) using the filename WP6. Then print a hard copy on paper (File/Print).

7. Hand in your work now before continuing to the next task

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