This exercise provides practice with all of the techniques covered by the Word Processing Tasks 1 to 10.

1. ENTER the following text:

Name: ........ Date: ....... Filename: WPex4


There are two kinds of electronic information services that can generally be displayed on television screens: teletex and viewdata.

The name teletex is the general name for one-way information services transmitted as part of a television signal by broadcast or by cable. (It has no connection with telex).

The teletex signal is carried on a few spare lines at the top of the normal picture; the patterns can sometimes be seen on a badly adjusted television set, but normally they are above the picture and do not disturb it in any way. It is a digital signal, decoded by special circuits built into the special teletex set and ignored by other television receivers.

The broadcasting organizations provide teletex as a supplementary service, and it is freely available to anyone who has the equipment to receive it.

The complete "magazine" of perhaps a hundred pages is broadcast continuously in an endless cycle, each page taking a fraction of a second to transmit. Users of teletex can choose to see teletex pages in place of or as well as broadcast programmes at the touch of a button, usually on a hand-held remote control keypad.

2. At the top of the text if you haven't done it already, DELETE the dots and ENTER your name, the date and your filename (see below).

3. SAVE your file as WPex4a.

4. PRINT a copy of the text.

5. Using the SEARCH AND REPLACE facility, replace all the misspelt words teletex with the correct word teletext.

6. CENTRE and UNDERLINE the heading of your text.

7. DELETE the word generally in the first paragraph.

8. In the second paragraph INSERT the words over the air after the word broadcast.

9. MOVE paragraph 4, the one that starts The broadcasting organizations ... and place it before paragraph 3, the one that starts The teletext signal ....

10. Split the last paragraph into two paragraphs, starting at the words Users of teletext ....

11. SAVE the edited version of your text as WPex4b

12. PRINT a copy of your amended text.

13. PRINT another copy of the text with a JUSTIFIED right margin, DOUBLE-LINE SPACING and with the heading in EMPHASISED (BOLD) printing.

14. FINISH the program.

15. Staple the 3 print-outs together, numbered and in the correct order, then hand in your work for marking.