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Those who have used a typewriter will be familiar with the contents of this task.

Using your left hand press the keys marked 123QWE.

You should get the characters 123qwe printed on your screen. The first three characters are the numbers as expected but the last three are not exactly as shown on the keys. They are in what we call lower case letters.

Press the large key which is marked [↵]. This is known as the [↵Enter] key. Press it a few more times and notice what happens.

Find the large key marked [⇑] which is just below the [↵Enter] key that you have just used. This is known as the [Shift] key. Hold down this key using a finger on your right hand while at the same time pressing with your left hand the keys 123QWE again.

This time you should get the characters !QWE printed on your screen. The first three characters are the symbols shown at the top of the number keys and the last three are what we call upper case letters.

Press [↵Enter].

The long bar at the bottom of the keyboard is called (but not marked) the [space bar]. Press the keys 123 [space bar] QWE [↵Enter] and notice what happens on the screen.

Remember - never use the space bar other than for single spaces between words and double spaces between sentences. Do not move about with it like you would on a typewriter (experienced typists take note).

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