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1. Load in the file (File/Open) named WPTASK7 .

2. Read the section on SEARCH & REPLACE on the separate program guide sheet.

First type in what you want to find:

Type the word cat

Move the cursor and type in what to replace it with:

Type the word pig followed by [↵Enter]

Click on the Replace button to see if it works. As there are rather a lot in this text click on the Replace all button.

3. Problem: if you look at the text, you will see that the personal pronoun I has been mistyped as a lower case i throughout the text. As there are far too many to change by yourself, use Edit/Replace again to replace all the i 's with I 's. Warning - read the screen carefully as you must do something special this time, otherwise you will replace all the i 's in every word of the text!

4. Save your altered version (File/Save As) using the filename WP7 and print the text (File/Print).

5. Hand in your work now and then do EXERCISE 2 before continuing to the next task.

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