This exercise provides practice with entering, editing, saving and printing of text. It also involves using the alignment techniques and cut & paste which were introduced in Tasks 5 and 6.

1. Make a new file and ENTER the following text:

Name: ...... Date: ...... Filename: WPex3

SMOKING AND POLLUTION - A message for parents

If you tell your children that you do not want them to smoke, they are much less likely to smoke. This is true whether you smoke or not.

There is a danger that children who smoke may later become regular smokers. In an average class of thirty 11-12 year olds, seven have tried smoking. In an average class of thirty 13-14 year olds, fifteen have tried smoking. Smoking is a habit which may be difficult to break so it is possible that your child may become a life-long smoker.

Don't ask your child to buy cigarettes for you. It is against the law to sell cigarettes or tobacco products to a child who is under 16 years old, and anyone doing so is liable to a fine of up to 400.

If you know of any shopkeepers who sell cigarettes to children under 16, complain to them. If they continue, you could complain to the police or to the trading standards department of your local town council or borough. Or write to your local newspaper about it.

Children who smoke are more likely to get coughs, colds, and chest infections than children who do not smoke. Regular smoking can cause serious diseases later in life like bronchitis, heart disease and some types of cancer, especially lung cancer.

If you smoke, your smoking can affect your children too. The smoke you breathe out can irritate your child's eyes, nose, throat and chest. Your children will have twice as many coughs and chest infections as other children, often leading to lung damage by the time they are 5 years old.

2. At the top of the text if you haven't done it already, DELETE the dots and ENTER your name, the date and your filename (see below).

3. SAVE your file as WPex3a.

4. PRINT a copy of the text.

5. CENTRE the heading of your text.

6. DELETE the word that in the first paragraph.

7. In the second paragraph INSERT the words only a few cigarettes a week after the words children who smoke .

8. MOVE paragraph 5, the one that starts Children who smoke ... and place it before paragraph 3, the one that starts Don't ask your child ...

9. DELETE the paragraph that starts If you know of any shopkeepers ...

10. PRINT a copy of your amended text.

11. SAVE the edited version of your text as WPex3b

12. FINISH the program.