ICT Reservations - Frequently Asked Questions

Problem: The screen has shifted to the left and I can't see any of the buttons to access calendar etc. Have you any suggestions as to how I can fix it?

Answer: Try Shift/Ctrl/H that should reset everything.

Problem: We have a ten day timetable. Is there an easy way of dealing with this problem?

Answer: I recommended using something like 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B and so on (or whatever you call them) as the week numbers in the first column on the Update Screen. This then acts as a reminder to staff when doing their bookings so that they refer to the correct week in their own timetable.

Problem: How do I unlock cells on the booking screens that I have previously locked? I can't even click on these cells.

Answer: Lock then unlock any free cell on the screen first. This will temporarily enable you to move anywhere on the screen to unlock cells, until you change to another day.

Problem: We have 2 servers - I presume that the system should only be installed on the P: drive of one of them? Would running the RM synchronise servers batch file cause any problems?

Answer: Yes, the system should only be installed on the P: (or X:) drive of one of the servers. No, running the RM synchronise servers batch file would not cause any problems, it will just create a backup for you? If you have a P: drive mapped to more than one server then change the shortcut target to something like \\Server1\public\apps\32bitwin\ICTbooking\Start.xls so that only one version is ever opened. Similarly if you have a CC3 server.

Problem: I note in the features that you say multilingual. I would like to translate various bits into Welsh, e.g Room codes. days of week, some buttons and the fault report web page. Is this feasible?

Answer: Yes, the system is designed for just that. All text can be changed.

Problem: We now have some portable laptops that we need to book out on a daily basis, however because the laptops are available for use in other rooms other than the one they are based in, the design of the current ICT reservations does not allow for booking a specific number of laptops out for use in another room. Can you help or suggest how we could tailor this system for the laptop bookings?

Answer: I have put our 4 laptop trolleys on the system, staff then just say what room they want in the booking, eg. subject code, room, initials.

Problem: How can I reduce Saturday to 6 periods only although all other days of the week are 8?

Answer: First of all label all periods the same for all days of the week during your site customisation. You can then change the period labels on odd days when you update the calendar and use the [A] button provided to colour the label. This will then shade in that period on the booking screens automatically, if doing this while using a setup wizard. If doing this later, then there is an option provided in the Insert Breaks & Holidays option in the Management Console.

Problem: The spreadsheet for this term is already 32mb, should it be this size? Can you suggest something which might reduce the size.

Answer: This is a Microsoft issue when using shared files for multiple access on a network. The size of the file will be reduced to normal each time that you enter and exit the Management Console. You may automate this on a regular basis using Windows Task Scheduler - see the instruction manual for further details.

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