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I came across your spreadsheet when I was looking for a booking tool for our small school intranet. When I stumbled across your web page I just about fell off my chair because it was almost perfect for our needs. I'm currently trying to consolidate my position as ICT coordinator and I know this would really impress the leadership team (so I'm really keen to get this up and running). Thank you so much for sharing your excellent work! Regards, Adam McCaskill (Australia) 30 August 2001

I have just taken on the responsibility of developing a "deprived area" UKOnline Centre. One of the tools I needed was an efficient means of controlling assets booking and had begun to develop my own spreadsheet solution.  Somewhat at a loss as how to factor in the "school year/holidays etc" I turned to the net for solutions and came across your solution.  WOW, here was a solution that not only does everything I want of it now but appears to have been extremely well developed/targeted for an educational establishment. Many thanks, Clive 02 November 2002

I have used Ian Lee's system for a long time now (Sept 2001) and the staff like it, apart from a few bugs initially (v1.1) it meets our needs as we also use it to book resources, i.e. projectors, cameras etc. You can tailor it to suit your own requirements. Ian has always offered support when I've asked and the price is so ridiculously cheap that I would buy it myself if the school hadn't as it saves me a lot of aggro. Dave Marshall March 18, 2003

Thanks, that seems to have sorted the problem.  One suggestion for a future update would be to allow the main title to be edited.  We intend to use the system for more than just ICT based bookings (eg our Main Hall) and it would be nice to change "ICT Reservations". I should add that I can't think of any other purchase we have made where we have had better value for 15.00! Regards Keith Porter, ICT Coordinator, Dinnington Comprehensive School.

You are to be congratulated on having designed such intuitive and straight forward ICT room booking system, it is just what we have been looking for here at Orleans Park School. Drew Tibble, Network Manager and Webmaster. September 9, 2004

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