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Ian and sister Diane c1953 Ian and friend Paul at cub camp c1958 Ian and sister Diane on AJS motorbike 1965-66 Rowing on the Thames at Chiswick ca.1966 Cleaning pond 1967 Joan, age 14/15 - my first and last love (12/08/1967 for 8 months) Joan, age 15, 1967 Joan, age 16, ca.1968 My first car 1968-70 Ford Anglia E93A Ian, age 18/19, 1969/70 Joan, the girl who decided to marry me after 2 years apart Joan, age 19, in her first car 1971 Joan at Highview Road, Ealing 1972 Ian's graduation Hull 1972 Ian and Joan got married 1972 Ian at 72 Windmill Lane, Southall 1972/73-? Ian and Joan at Victoria Falls, Zambia 1976 Ian and Joan on top of the world - Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 1978 Ian rock climbing in Zambia ca.1977 Joan with Penny minus 2 weeks, Nov 1979 Our first born - Penny 1980/81-? My mum, Penny, Jessica and me 1985 Penny and Jessica Penny and Jessica being dumped at sea Grand Canyon USA 1990 Rocky Mountains USA 1990 Joan in glider Joan jumping out of a plane 1991 Joan jumping out of a plane 1991  Penny and Jessica banished in the snow Dad and sprogs having a fun day out in 1993 Another fun day on a family camping holiday in 1993 Australia 2004 Jessica's graduation Birmingham 2005 Our babies grew up and have babies of their own - Grandchildren: Rowan, Ben, Eleanor 2017 Eleanor 2019 Ben and Eleanor 2019 Rowan 2017

Ian and Grandkids 2020

Boots and Tiny, Zambia 1977 Sheba and Littlun, Faringdon c1988 Paddy, Swedish Vallhund, born 14/10/1994 Erik the Viking, Swedish Vallhund, born 02/05/2011