GCSE Information Technology Project

Presentation of your Survey

Having carried out your survey and analysed the results you are now required to plan, design and prepare a formal presentation of the same work to one or more specified audiences:

  1. Your chosen audience that you planned your project for originally.
  2. Parents and prospective pupils at our school open evening (or any reasonable alternative).

(both presentations are required for Grade D and above)

List of required activities:

  1. Write a plan for your main presentations and collect background information, as follows:
  1. Produce an illustrated report of the survey results for your chosen audience.
  2. Produce a poster or leaflet about your survey for the school open evening or suitable alternative.
  3. Describe, with reasons to explain, how the work was developed through each stage and for each specific audience or purpose according to their different needs. (Grade C)

For higher grades (B,A,A*):

  1. Show your presentations to an unfamiliar and critical audience (not classmates or IT teacher). Obtain feedback on good and bad features of the work, and describe, with reasons, how it was then (or could be) used during further development of the work.
  2. Produce an illustrated report outlining the methods and techniques used to produce the work and the choice of software used, in terms of its facilities, suitability, ease of use, reasons for choice, etc.
  3. Prepare a report evaluating the whole project - how research was carried out, outcome related to original plan, problems encountered, reliability and suitability of sources of information, help needed, possible improvements.

Hole-punch and collate all notes and printed material in a sensible order. Use the string tag provided or a suitable alternative - do not hand in your work in a plastic pocket or heavy ring folder. A nice cover sheet will look good but remember that it will not be worth any extra marks.

Hand in your completed portfolio for final marking by the end of the Spring Term. Make a note of any extra work you intend to do and make sure that you get this to your teacher before the end of April.

See the Marking Scheme for this part of your project.

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