GCSE Information Technology Project

Choosing a survey

For your coursework assessment you will be required to submit a special project to the GCSE examination board which demonstrates your skills in data handling and communicating using IT. It will involve all of the skills that you have learnt already during your lessons.

What survey can I do?

Choose any survey you would like to carry out, which has a clear purpose, here are a few examples:

Are there any surveys that I cannot do?

The school does not consider it to be appropriate for you to carry out a survey that involves personal habits regarding sex or drugs, or any other topic that may cause embarrassment or offence to pupils. If you are not sure - check with your teacher before starting any work.

I am doing a survey in my Business Studies lessons. Can I use that?

You may use a survey that you have or intend to carry out for another GCSE subject and you may enter the relevant work for both examinations.

Can I work with a partner on my survey?

You may need to work with a partner during lessons to prepare and carry out your chosen survey and to share data and ideas but your finished portfolio must be largely (and clearly) the result of your own efforts. Your final questionnaire and database could be a joint effort but you must each include evidence of your own contribution towards their development. All work must be regularly backed-up onto your own floppy disk in case your partner is absent.

Does all the work have to be done using a computer?

No, your plans and other notes may be hand-written. You must write on all computer printouts to help clarify what is on them.

Can I do some of the work after school or at home?

You must be prepared to do some of the work outside normal lessons and at home, either by hand or on your own computer. If working on a computer at home your files can normally be transferred between different programs - check with your teacher first.

How much time do I have?

A major part of the work must be completed and marked by Christmas in time for our exam entries meeting. Time will therefore be very short. You will need to get started before the summer holiday by planning what to do, collecting background information, and thinking up some suitable questions for your questionnaire.

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