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Your Report

Before you start see 'Guidelines for Writing a Report'.


  1. State the task that you have been given.
  2. Who did you decide to be represented by you coat of arms.
  3. Insert a copy of your coat of arms to illustrate your report.
  4. Give a reason for each charge you have chosen to place on the shield.
  5. Try to work out a "blazon" for your coat of arms.
  6. Which final product did you decide to prepare using your coat of arms?


  1. Describe what you did throughout this project and explain briefly how you carried out each stage in its development.
  2. State the name of the program chosen for each stage in the project.
  3. Illustrate your work by copying each stage of your design from the art program and pasting it into suitable places in your text.
  4. What precautions did you take to prevent the accidental loss or damage to your work while using the computer.


  1. State at least three main features that all of the programs have in common, which make it a good idea to use Windows software.
  2. You have probably used three different programs - one for drawing the shield, another for preparing the final product and a third for writing this report. (You could have probably done everything using just one of these programs.) Describe at least one major difference in each program that made it the best for the job to which it was put.

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