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Your Task

The pages in this booklet will give you some background information on heraldry; and provide you with some ideas and examples to help you with your task. Have a look through it all before you start.

You have been commissioned to design a "coat of arms" that will represent a specific family, company or club; then use this design to reproduce either a sheet of personalised note paper, a business card, a newspaper advertisement or a poster.

1. Keep a diary of you work for every lesson - to include the following:

Date, filenames and brief description or sketch of their contents
If you are working with a partner - Who did what? Who decided what?
Name of the program used and any new tricks you have learnt.

2. You should include in your design something that picks out a particular activity, interest, or other characteristic of the people it concerns. Keep your design reasonable simple and choose your colours carefully. Make some rough sketches of your ideas on paper.

Paint Helpsheet3. Use a computer art program to develop and produce your design. You must save each stage of your work - then if you make a serious mistake you won't loose everything. You will also need them later to illustrate your report.

4. Copy and paste the coat of arms into a desk-top publishing program such as PageMaker. You may need to shrink your design to a more suitable size. Add name, address and any other suitable text. See 'Guidelines for Writing an Address'. Create lines, boxes, panels, etc. to improve the appearance of the page. Move these objects around the page to obtain the best layout. Try different ideas and make sure that you save all of your work and keep it secure from accidental loss or damage.

5. Choose a suitable computer program and write a full report on your work - see next page.

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