The Ridgeway and Thames Path

National Trails Volunteers
The Ridgeway and Thames Path
February 2012 onwards

We design and build information boards and cabinets, make sign posts, and service the mowers, brush cutters, pole saws, and other power tools in the workshop at Eynsham.

My particular speciality is using the computer and connected router to produce the fingers for sign posts and other things - nobody else knows how to use it. Then we go out on the trails one or two days a week and in all weathers throughout the year to put up sign posts and gates, mow the grass verges, and clear the overhanging trees and bushes.

Routing signage on a finger at Eynsham workshop Router software on screen

Painting the signage fingers at Eynsham workshop A selection of finished signage fingers

Information cabinet construction at Eynsham workshopInformation Board erected at Hungerford Road car park

Information board construction at Eynsham workshop Here is an information board that we made and installed on The Ridgeway near The White Horse, with the help of Erik the Viking cattle dog.

Installing an information board on The Ridgeway near The White Horse Information board erected on The Ridgeway near The White Horse

Replacing the finger signage at the source of the River Thames Spring pond at the source of th Rivere ThamesThis is me replacing the finger in the sign post at the spring pond which is the source of the River Thames. People who have been there say how disappointing not to see any water. Well there was plenty of it on this day, bubbling up to form a small pond.





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