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William BOAKS
  Caroline COLES

George Richard MUMFORD

Alice Kate Elizabeth BOAKS

  George Richard MUMFORDbd. 28/05/1875
bp. 9 Campbell Road, Bromley, Kent
oc. Cabman, Horse-drawn cab driver, then he became a builder's labourer. Joined Queen's Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment in 1915
dd. 1942, age 67
dp. 21 Plymouth Road, Bromley, Kent
Alice Kate Elizabeth BOAKSbd. 01/04/1873 Bromley, Kent
oc. mother
dd. 17/10/1954, age 81
dp. Farnborough, Kent
Married: 24/09/1901 Register Office in Bromley
Address: 1902: North Road, Bromley, Kent
1904: Palace Road, Bromley, Kent
1911: 5 East Street, Bromley, Kent
1915: 21 Plymouth Road, Bromley, Kent
George William Archibald BOAKS, bd. 25/06/1900, md.1920, dd. 25/06/1972. (Born just before his parents were married, he was given the name BOAKS and raised by his mum's married sister Ellen (Nell) Mary BOAKS.)
Fredrick Henry MUMFORD, bd. 05/02/1902
Ellen Emma (Nell) MUMFORD, bd. 01/01/1904
Alice Emily (Nink) MUMFORD, bd.17/10/1906 Bromley, md. 06/04/1929, dd. 1990
Herbert Alfred (Bill) MUMFORD, bd. 04/10/1908
Edith Marjorie (Edie) MUMFORD, bd. 06/01/1911 (no children)
Florence Kathleen (Mog) MUMFORD, bd. 29/12/1912, md. 08/12/1934
Robert Leonard (Bob) MUMFORD, bd. 20/11/1915
George Richard MUMFORD, bd. 1919
Alice Kate Elizabeth Mumford and family 1914/5

Taken at 21 Plymouth Road, Bromley - living room at rear, kitchen on left, included brick-built boiler, WC out of frame, left. Taken c1915. There was a front room and two bedrooms, typical "two up, two down", with stairs between.

Inscribed - Mother 41 (ie Alice Kate Elizabeth Mumford (née Boaks). Fred 14, Nell 12, Alice 9, Herbert 7, Edie 5, Florrie 3, Bobbie 5 months.

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Mumfords 1926/27 1926/7

Taken Plymouth Road, Bromley c1926/7. Sue (married Fred Mumford), Alice Kate Elizabeth Mumford (née Boaks) and Nink (Alice Emily Mumford).


Mumfords 1926 1926

Inscribed "1926". Back, left to right: Bill (Herb) Mumford, Mog, Arch Boaks, Henry Charles William (Harry) Maunton.

Front are Alice Kate Elizabeth Mumford (née Boaks), Ellen (Nell) Mumford with ?, Hilda Boaks with Doreen Boaks, Nink (Alice Emily) and George Richard Mumford.

Mumfords 1928/29 1928/9

Taken c1928/9. Back row: Jack Mitchell, Alice Kate Elizabeth Mumford (née Boaks), George Richard Mumford, Archie Boaks.

Front row: Nell (Ellen) Mitchell (née Mumford) with baby Betty, Doreen Boaks, and Hilda Boaks.

Mumfords 1930 1930

Taken 60 Hayward Road, Bromley, c1930, event being Colin's christening. Left to right, back: Nink with baby Colin, Nell Mitchell (b1904) and boy on right is Bob Mumford (bc1915).

Front are George Mumford (bc1918), Betty Mitchell, d/o Nell, and Mog (Florence) (b1912).


Mumfords 1936 1936

Taken at Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent c1936. Back row, left to right are Pamela Wiles (Nink's neice on Maunton side), Nink (b1906), Mog (b1912.

Bottom row Ann Wiles (again, neice of Nink's), Jean Wells d/o Mog, Tim the dog (Colin's dog) and Colin (b1930) s/o Nink.

George Mumford & Alice Boaks ca 1940

George Mumford & Alice Boaks

Mumford/Boaks victory celebration 1945 1945

Mumford/Boaks victory celebration at Bromley, Kent

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Mumfords 1960/70 1960/70

Taken at the Crooked Billet pub, Bromley - Daphne Wells wedding (Mog's daughter).

Back row, left to right are Herbert (Bill) Mumford, Fred Mumford, Archie Boaks, Bob Mumford.

Front row are Edith Sullivan (née Mumford), Mog (Florence) Wells (née Mumford) , Nell Mitchell (née Mumford), and Alice Emily Maunton (née Mumford). Missing is George Mumford, domiciled in Yorkshire.