Mumford/Boaks Victory Party, VE Day 8th May 1945 at Bromley, Kent

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Mumford/Boaks victory party

This party was held for the whole family to celebrate the ending of World War II in May 1945. Granny Alice was living at 21 Plymouth Road, Bromley at this time. Her husband, George Mumford, had just died 3 years earlier. Four generations, all descended from Alice and George, are represented here.

Alf Woodhams - Lucy's Husband Fred Mumford - Archie's brother George Archibold Boaks Chuffer Mumford - Fred's son Colin - Nink's son Harry - Nink's husband Stan - Moggin's husband Jack - Nell's husband Robert {Bob) Mumford - Archie's brother Charlie - Edie's husband Ron King - Archie's son Joyce Mumford - Fred's daughter Maureen Mumford - Bill's daughter William (Bill) Mumford - Archie's brother Laura - Bill's wife Joan - George's wife Pauline - George's daughter George Mumford - Archie's brother Doreen Boaks - Archie's daughter Doris - Ron's wife Susan Mumford - Fred's daughter Douglas Lee - Doreen's husband Ivy - Bob's wife Sue - Fred's wife Ellen (Nell) Mumford - Archie's sister Alice (Nink) Mumford - Archie's sister Lucy Mumford - Granny's sister-in-law Alice (Granny) Boaks - Archie's mum Herb Boaks - Granny's brother Edith (Edie) Mumford - Archie's sister Florence (Mog) Mumford - Archie's sister Betty - Nell's daughter Hilda King - Archie's wife Tony Boaks - Archie's son Alan King - Ron's son Jean - Mog's daughter Bobby - Mog's son David - George's son Daphne - Mog's daughter
Alice (Granny) Boaks
Alice (Granny) Boaks
Herb Boaks (brother)
Herb Boaks (brother)
Lucy Mumford (sister-in-law)Alf Woodhams
Lucy Mumford (sister-in-law) & Alf Woodhams
George (Archie) BoaksHilda King
George (Archie) Boaks & Hilda King
Bill MumfordLaura Watts
Bill Mumford & Laura Watts
Fred MumfordSue
Fred Mumford & Sue
Bob MumfordIvy Wood
Bob Mumford & Ivy Wood
George MumfordJoan Fielding
George Mumford & Joan Fielding
Ellen (Nell) MumfordJack Mitchell
Ellen (Nell) Mumford & Jack Mitchell
Alice (Nink) MumfordHenry (Harry) Maunton
Alice (Nink) Mumford & Henry (Harry) Maunton
>Edie MumfordCharlie Sullivan
Edie Mumford & Charlie Sullivan
Florence (Mog) MumfordStan Wells
Florence (Mog) Mumford & Stan Wells
Ron (Boaks) KingDoris Rowsell Doreen BoaksDoug Lee Tony Boaks
Ron (Boaks) King & Doris Rowsell
Doreen Boaks (my mum) & Doug Lee
Tony Boaks
Maureen Mumford
Maureen Mumford
Joyce Mumford Fred (Chuffer) Mumford Susan Mumford
Joyce, Fred (Chuffer) & Susan Mumford
  David Mumford Pauline Mumford
David & Pauline Mumford
Betty Mitchell
Betty Mitchell
Colin Maunton
Colin Maunton
  Jean Wells Daphne Wells Bobby Wells
Jean, Daphne & Bobby Wells
Alan King (Ron's son)
Alan King (Ron's son)