Personal Portfolio

G6 George Richard MUMFORD
Edward Thomas KING
  Alice Kate Elizabeth BOAKS
Elizabeth Jane GOODWIN

George William Archibald BOAKS

Hilda Victoria KING

  George William Archibald BOAKSbd. 25/06/1900
bp. Bromley, Kent
bap. 26/08/1900 at SS Peter & Paul, Bromley, Kent
oc. Dock Worker / Finance Clerk, Brentford Warf
dd. 25/06/1972, age 72
dp. Isleworth, Middlesex
Hilda Victoria KINGbd. 24/02/1901
bap. 07/04/1901 at St Pauls, Brentford, Middlesex
oc. Seamstress, Brentford Hospital
dd. 19/10/1981, age 80
dp. Isleworth, Middlesex
Married: Wedding of George Boaks and Hilda King 19201920
Address: 1900: 15 Henry Street, Bromley, Kent
1911: With Herbert Boaks (uncle) at 26 Park Road, Bromley, Kent and George Boaks (cousin, killed in WWI)
1924: 1 Cottage, Boston Lodge, Windmill Road, Brentford, Middlesex with Ellen (Nell) Mary Louise BOAKS (aunt) & William Henry (Bibby) EMENEY
1938-49: 218 Lionel Road, Brentford, Middlesex
1950: 3 Clifden Court, Clifden Road, Brentford, Middlesex
Ronald, Doreen and Anthony BOAKSRonald Maurice KING, bd. 1919, dd. 2007, raised by Gladys KING (aunt)
Doreen Ellen BOAKS, bd. 09/10/1921, dd. 21/01/2002
Anthony William BOAKS 1935
George (Archie) Boaks with Auntie Emeney and Uncle Bibby ca 1918-20

George (Archie) Boaks with Auntie Emeney and Uncle Bibby who raised him.
ie. his mum's married sister Ellen (Nell) Mary BOAKS and William Henry (Bibby) EMENEY who were married in 1896.

George & Alice Mumford ca.1928 ca 1928

George & Alice Mumford, with son Archie, wife Hilda and their daughter Doreen.

Archie and Diane ca.1946 ca 1946/47

Archie BOAKS and Doreen's daughter, his granddaughter Diane LEE at 218 Lionel Road.

Archie Boaks and wife Hilda ca 1960

Archie and wife Hilda

Archie Boaks Archie Boaks Archie Boaks
Ron King and his wife Doris First born Ron and his wife Doris, with their children Alan and Barry in October 1951. The family moved to Australia a few years later.

Ron was born in 1919 just before his parents were married and therefore given the surname KING. He was raised by his mum's married sister Gladys.


Tony Boaks ca 1953 ca 1953

Last born Tony on conscripted service in the Far East.

The back is enscribed "myself with scammel".