Y12 References - Information

newTrial version 1.01 now available
Requires Microsoft Word and Excel
Upgraded for Excel 2007 and Windows 7
RM Connect network friendly
Full management procedures
Comprehensive help for every function
Fast personal help line
Compatible with data output from Sims.net

For the easy entering and creating of references for university or college entrance or any other purpose. You can easily customise it for use by any establishment at the click of a few buttons. Once set up this software will practically run by itself. When changes are needed it is very easy to manage via the many intuitive tools and wizards provided.

There are two main screens and a management console:

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Startup Screen
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Data Entry Screen
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Management Console
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Update Menu
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Student Report

See fully illustrated details and very comprehensive instructions.

The main features are:

  • Customise and configure easily with the intuitive management procedures.
  • Insert your own establishment's name and logo.
  • Instant on-screen help for all management tasks at the touch of a button.
  • Automatic installation program.
  • Wizards to help setting up during first installation and at the start of a new year's reporting session.
  • Import students, teachers and subjects using a spreadsheet file exported from your student/staff information software, such as Sims.net.
  • Staff may work directly within the program on your network or export their own copy of the data entry sheet to take away then import back again when they have completed their references.
  • Bulk export and import facilities are provided if you would rather send and receive the data entry sheets by email.
  • References are merged into a report for each student, which can then be edited or pasted into standard documents that may be required by the receiving body.
Initially this program was developed in 2004 for use in my own school, where I have been Head of ICT since 1986 and more recently the IT Systems Manager. New management tools and other refinements have now been added to make it useable by other establishments.

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