GCSE Information Technology Project

Database Planning Sheet

Before creating your database and entering the data it is important to think about its structure and how you will reduce the possibility of wrong data being entered.

Set out a table like the one below and include all of the fields you intend to create:

Name of field Type of field Validation Example data entry Why this field is needed
Record Number Whole Number Min 1
Max 35
5 For unique identification of each record instead of personal names.
(or Year Group)
Whole Number Min 11
Max 18
13 Responses may vary according to age.
School Whole Number Code all possible answers.
One answer only.
Min 1
Max 28
8 I will be asking pupils in other schools to see if it effects responses.
Pets Text Code all possible answers.
Allows multiple answers.
(or use letters)
To find out what pets they have.
Favourite Pet Multichoice One answer only.
From predefined list:
rodent, dog,
cat, fish, etc.
dog To find which pets are most favoured.

When you have completed your database on the computer you should not only print the whole database but also select the option to print the field information. This will provide information similar to this table and show any changes you may have made during the development of your project.

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