GCSE Information Technology Project

Example surveys


Title Purpose Intended audience * Background information
School uniform To find out what pupils think of it, reasons for it and what changes they want if any. Teachers (we don’t have any say in it!), parents, governors, or pupils present and future. Current uniform list, items available from school, costs, uniforms in other schools, history of our uniform, health & safety and other issues.
Hot drinks To find out preferences. Staff concerned or pupils. Variety of drinks, sweeteners, etc. available. Costs. Nutritional information.
Between meals eating habits of pupils To find out how many do it, how much, how often and what. Staff concerned, pupils or parents Current menu, nutritional information, costs, and alternative suppliers.
Meals at lunch time To find out how many pupils prefer packed lunches to school dinners or go home. Staff concerned, pupils or parents Likely items used for packed lunches, current menu, nutritional information, and costs.
Choices/Prices of meals in the school canteen To find out what pupils think about either or both and what changes they would like. Staff concerned, pupils or parents Menu/price lists from school canteen and other sources.
Use of computers by pupils To find out how often, what for and where they are used. Staff concerned, pupils or parents, computer companies. Programs in common use. Types of computers available.
Type and age of cars in the school car parks To find relation to age of owner/ most popular types. Car dealers Common makes & models of cars, coding used for year of registration on reg. plates
Teenage TV habits To determine the hours and programmes viewed. TV audience research units Programs available and what categories they are put in.
Third World debt To find peoples views. Organisers of Jubilee 2000 About Jubilee 2000, information on debts owing.
School/private sports/clubs To find views on sports, availability of different sports, etc Teachers, pupils Sports offered currently and in the past at DGS and other schools.
Popular music What influences people to buy different types of music - age, price, etc. Music companies Types of music available. Any information from record stores. Current prices.
Travel to school To find out methods of travel and time taken. School administration and transport companies Private/public/school transport available. Timetables. Local map and distances.
Work experience To find out how useful this was. Teachers and pupils List of work placements, feedback from companies.
The school day Pupils' views on current timetable Teachers and pupils Past and existing timetable arrangements at DGS and other schools. Government requirements
Cost of food shopping in the local area To find the cheapest shops. Parents Main categories of food. Shops available in local area.
Popular shops To find out why people shop where they do. Shop staff Main categories of shops. Shops available in local area.
Fitness of dogs To find out how unfit and overweight Dog owners and vets Information from vet on dietary requirements. Common breeds of dog
The internet To find out views/knowledge of the internet Schools and computer companies Methods of connection, internet providers, costs, types of information to be found
The European Union/ single currency To find out how much pupils know and their opinions Teachers and pupils. Members of parliament Facts about the EU
Pocket money and other income To find out how much pupils get Parents ?
The village hall To find out what people go there for, if at all People in village and those in charge Past and present events, hire costs, availability, etc.
Cinemas To find out how often people go and effect of prices Public and cinema owners Programs and prices
Year 9 options To find out pupils views on current courses in Y10 Pupils and teachers Past and present options at DGS and other schools
Popular pets To find out what is the most popular pet Pet shops Common pets and categories
Future jobs Areas of work Y10 pupils expect to do Employers Current areas of work available, qualifications expected
Cosmetics Factors affecting choice of cosmetics Cosmetic companies and women of all ages Types of product, brand names, current advertising
Face furniture and image consciousness Relationship between choice of spectacles/contact lenses, hair and eye colour Suppliers and consumers Method of classifying and matching colours/physical features, pamphlets from optician

* For all projects the background information should also include:

You must provide notes and/or examples of background information in your portfolio as evidence.

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