Woodsmoke 2005/06/07

Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival
 in The Lake District

Woodlander Course
The Fundamental Skills of Wilderness Bushcraft
August 2005

Woodlander Course 2005 - group photo It is difficult to imagine what a course like this is going to be like before you go. Images of boy scout camps long ago came to mind but it was so much more than that, although the 'hole in the ground' for purposes of a squatting nature did bring back a few reminders. I must say that the positive attitude of all the instructors together with their comprehensive expertise delivered with much humour on one hand and patience on the other was an added bonus to what turned out to be a totally wonderful experience from beginning to end. I don't think there was any aspect of the course that I can find fault with and it was absolutely worth every penny of it.

During this week-long course I learnt many basic survival skills and native crafts from the gathering of wild food and backwoods cookery to the safe use and maintenance of the bushcraft knife. The whole thing was a wonderful experience, I can't wait to retire and head for the hills. I strongly recommend this course, you'll love it.

Axe Workshop
The Tool of the Backwoods
June 2006

A long weekend learning to use and maintain bushcraft knives and axes, the tools of the backwoods. I felled a tree, carved out a bowl, made a stool and a busk-saw. A highlight was sitting around the camp fire of an evening chatting while carving out a spoon from a chunk of sweet chestnut wood.

Carving a bowl My tent in the woods Chopping down a spruce tree Taking a break

The Native Course
Applied Bushcraft Skills
June 2007

Our shelter for three nights Our shelter: 3 beds + fire I camped in the middle of a pine forest in a shelter that three of us built from pine and spruce branches. I learnt how to trap and prepare rabbits and squirrels and cooked fresh trout over a fire that I lit by rubbing sticks together. Even had to make my own string from nettles and roots and make fishing hooks from thorns.

During this week-long course I think the highlight had to be the starting of a fire from scratch in the pouring rain - something incredibly empowering. Also my first ever taste of rabbit and pigeon was surprisingly pleasant.

Weaving fish traps Preparing rabbit stew

More information: www.woodsmoke.uk.com


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