Guidelines for Writing Reports

These guidelines will help you to turn your work into a professionally presented document and also help to avoid unnecessary problems.

1. Type your text in the default font. Make no changes to the appearance of the text at all at this stage. A good practice would be to plan out the work and type in all sub-headings first, then go back and fill in with paragraphs between them. Apply the following rules as you type:

2. At frequent intervals, save your document using a meaningful filename that will remind you what the work was about at a later date.

3. When you have done all this, now is the time to change its appearance:


(and by the way, the use of capital letters like this may be considered as shouting and impolite by the reader).

4. Save your document using a different filename (File/Save As) before printing it. You could do this by simply adding a 2 to the original name. This means that you will still have all your hard work safely saved from before you made any changes to it.

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