Guidelines for Writing an Address

It is important to type a name, address and telephone number in a formal and clearly understandable manner that is suitable for use throughout the world where English may not be well understood. It may not be the way you have normally handwritten your address and it may be different from the way you have learnt at an early age. Here is an example:

Ms Joanna Bloggs Title and name of person
Telnet Corporation Name of company, if required
15 High Street Number and name of road - no abbreviations (St., Rd., Ave)
Aston Name of village, if you live in one
DIDCOT Name of postal town - normally all capital letters
Oxfordshire Name of county - no abbreviations (Oxon)
OX8 3NR Post code - all capital letters with a space in the middle

Points to remember:

Ms Joanna Bloggs, 15 High Street, Aston, DIDCOT, Oxfordshire OX8 3NR

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