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Below is a list of the main tasks for your coursework project. See other documentation for full details on each task. When you have completed a task and checked with your teacher you should place a tick in the final column. You may also fill in your examination details when you receive them from your teacher.

Plan of survey completed  
Background information collected; with reference given to each source  
Draft questions completed  
Questionnaire completed  
Survey carried out by filling in questionnaire  
Database constructed and data entered  
Error checks performed & documented - methods used for verification & validation  
Charts to display key results printed  
Simple queries performed to obtain information on each question  
Complex queries involving AND / OR / NOT  
Queries translated into normal English language on printouts  
Documentation on all the software used, including reasons for choice, illustrations, etc.  
Project submitted by the first deadline (end of Autumn Term)  


Mock Exam Result




Predicted Exam Entry Predicted grade: Foundation   Higher  


Plan for presentation of report to chosen audience  
Plan for presentation of poster for display to parents and rising Year 7  
Further background information (including illustrations) collected from a wide variety of sources; with reference given to each source  
Reference to relevant characteristics/needs of audiences documented  
Fully illustrated poster which includes results plus information from various sources  
Illustrated report to chosen audience completed with information from various sources  
Additional documentation for higher grades (A*/A/B) completed  
Project submitted by the second deadline (end of Spring Term)  
Additional items submitted by the final deadline (end of April)  


Final Exam Entry Predicted grade: Foundation   Higher