General Certificate of Secondary Education

Information Technology OCR/MEG (Code 3453)

Course Description:

The course provides opportunities for pupils to develop an awareness of the nature and importance of Information Technology in a rapidly changing society, and enables pupils to develop their application of knowledge, skills and understanding. A qualification in IT is likely to become a prefered requirement for courses in further education and for many future careers.

The following content will be covered:

This short course is taught as a discrete subject for 2.5% of the timetable (half the time recommended by the examination board). Pupils will therefore be expected to practise their skills across the curriculum or outside school hours for the equivalent of another period a week. Some of the content, which has already been covered during IT lessons earlier in the school, is unlikely to be repeated. Therefore, all work done since Year 7 should be kept safely and made use of when revising for the written examination.

The work carried out during Years 10 and 11 will mainly involve the planning, implementation and presentation of a chosen project for the final coursework assessment. The project will involve a survey and may make use of similar work done for any other subject, either as a part of the normal coursework or for the examination.

Most pupils will be entered for Foundation Level, grades C to G, but those who demonstrate a very high ability in the mock examination will be offered the chance to take the Higher Level paper (Paper 2), for grades A to D. Such candidates will have also spent time outside of their normal lessons for the preparation of their work to a higher than average standard.

Examination and Board

Midland Examining Group (OCR/MEG)

Information Technology: Short Course (3453)

Method of Assessment

Coursework assessment: (Paper 3) 60% - internally marked project

Written examination: (Paper 1 or 2) 40% - externally marked


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