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A data-logging device is being used to investigate the effect of sunlight on the photosynthesis of oxygen by a water plant. The water is maintained at a constant temperature throughout the experiment.

  1. Name the two different devices, labelled A and B, that are attached to the data-logger.
  2. The experiment is to be left for one week, suggest a time interval for measurements to be recorded.
  3. During the experiment the data-logging device is not attached to a computer. What does it do?
  4. Name the device labelled C.
  5. Explain how feedback from C is used to maintain the experiment at a constant temperature.
  6. After one week the data-logging device is attached to a desktop computer and the data transferred to a spreadsheet program. Suggest how the results might be displayed.
  7. State two reasons why it is better to perform this investigation in this way, rather than by hand.

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