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G9 John LEE
Richard WILLIS
  Elizabeth STOORS
(Mary 1773?)
Elizabeth HILL

William LEE


  bpt. 25/01/1789
bp. St. Swithin’s, Worcester
oc. Ag Labourer
dd. 29/06/1847
bpt. 21/09/1798
bp. Earl’s Croome, Worcestershire
dd. Jun 1864
oc. Head of house and Chairwoman in 1861
Married: 14/08/1826 St. Swithin’s, Worcester
Address: 1826 Severn Stoke, Worcestershire
1835 Perton, Worcestershire
1841/51 - Baynhall Cottages, Kempsey, Worcestershire
Ann LEE bpt.14/12/1826 Earl’s Croome, Worcestershire m. 02/12/1847 d. 25/03/1885
William LEE bpt.27/07/1828 Severn Stoke, Worcestershire dd. 14/11/1897 age 69 Lived at Stonehall Common, buried in Kempsey Church graveyard. Married to Mary dd. 29/04/1907 age 74. Photos below.
Benjamin LEE bpt. 20/06/1830 Severn Stoke, Worcestershire. m. 08/12/1853 Kempsey, Worc. dd. Dec 1910
Mary Ann LEE bpt.07/04/1833 Severn Stoke, Worcestershire m. 10/05/1865 Kempsey dd. Dec 1902
Thomas LEE bpt.15/11/1835 Pirton, Worcestershire. m.13/07/1865 Kempsey, Worc. dd. Mar 1910
Photos: Kempsey Church William Lee's & Mary's grave Kempsey Church and grave headstone for William and his wife Mary. The stone can be seen all on its own at the base of the pine tree to the right of the church. The graveyard behind the church is very large with many unmarked graves and very old, unreadable headstones. No other Lee's could be found.